1. Connect to your Domain (Website)

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3. Installation Guide (First step)

4. Change Colors and Theme

5. Change Application Name

6. What is Report Mode and how to fix your API issues?

7. Change Language & Words and Translate

8. Mobile Item Support Policy

1. Connect to your Domain (Website)

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1-Go to to get the CERT encryption key  

2-Once you have the key you will be able to add the key to your AppSettings.cs class 

The encryption  key includes all your domain information, you dont need to add your website or server-key or anything else on the settings class, bu sure you get the key on each new update we release to avoid any issues. 

If you face any error please contact us on 

Now go to your Visual studio 2019 solution and press Save, then you are ready to proceed with your own app

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3. Installation Guide (First step)

The installation is pretty easy, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download Visual Studio for Windows as shown below: (For Android)

2. Select This 3 check boxes as the image bellow and then press install
for (Visual studio on Windows)

  1.  Install all Android SDKs in your system.

From your Visual studio go to tools menu >> Android >> SDK Manager
Select the SDK 10.0 and 9 and version 5.0 as images bellow 
And Also Download NDK’s in Tools section

User-uploaded image: Screenshot_3.png

User-uploaded image: Screenshot_1.png

After you installed the SDKs in your system, you are ready to start and build your app,
Follow step 4. 

  1.  Build Your Solution > Clean Solution, click on it and wait till it finish.

4. Change Colors and Theme

To customize and change the main color of the application follow the steps bellow.

1-Go to Values folder > open Colors.xml file and you will see all the xml file which is responsible for the main color and the theme of the main application 

Also the file includes secondary colors for links and buttons and etc ..

3-Go to Settings.cs class and change the colors bellow to your own colors

  //Main Colors >>
   public static string MainColor = "#a84849";

You can control more your theme colors and status bar and text colors and dividers and etc from here the style.xml file is the main theme code of your application

5. Change Application Name

From your main solution right click on the WoWonder>> Properties >> Android Manifest tab >> Change the names as you like and the versions also depending on your google play last version if you have.

IMPORTANT : Also you need to change your Package name from the AndroidManifest file as bellow search for “”  and replace it with your own package name such as “” or “” you can choose any package name you like if you dont have yet any app submitted to google play  

be sure to use this same package name during creating the onesignal account, the correct package name will activate your One-signal account on your device 

6. What is Report Mode and how to fix your API issues?

In this articles we will discuss how to test your api and try to fix issues you may find during using one of our apps

Every app we developed you will find the variable bellow in our AppSettings.cs class.

Set the variables bellow to True or False to start checking your API respond from your server 
if the API fails you will get a message box in your application with the error of the API 
dont forget to set the variable to false before releasing your app to google play.

//Error Report Mode
 public static bool SetApisReportMode = true;

Why i am getting such errors?

The reason behind the errors is simple so let's explain to you why you may face API problems.

EX: I cannot upload a profile picture?, i cannot see any news feed?, i press on like but its not liked on my website! all of this issues are miss behaving of the API from your server side end. 
Here are few fixes you need to know.

I set the report mode and i am getting an API issue so whats next? 

If you are facing any API issue from your server side you will need to contact the PHP support team from the link bellow and show them your API respond as screenshot.

I try all the previous fixes but still no success?

You will need to check the respond in debug mode by adding red breakpoints on the API functions if you dont know how to do it you will need to hire a developer or by asking our support team they will be able to check the issue for you somehow it end with paying extra fees for the API testing and checking. 

Be sure you set SetApisReportMode variable it to false before releasing your app.

7. Change Language & Words and Translate

Change Lang & Words and Translate

Our Team made it for you easy to translate your own words in your app and change the labels as you want, our android app support 200 languages to be added, so lets start.

English strings (default locale), /values/strings.xml:

    <string name="hello_world">Hello World!</string>

Spanish strings (es locale), /values-es/strings.xml:<br>

    <string name="hello_world">¡Hola Mundo!</string>

By default the folder Values >> String.xml contains all the English words in the app. 

Generally, android consider English is a default language and it loads the string resources from /res/values/strings.xml. In case, if we want to add a support for other languages, we need to create a values folder by appending the Hyphen and ISO language code.
For example, if we want to add support for Japanese, then we need to create a values folder named values-ja under the res folder and add a strings.xml file in it with all the strings that need to translate into the Japanese Language.

The value-ar or value-ru has a String.xml file which contains same labels but translated to Turkish or Russian or Arabic and etc..

If you want to add your own new language, Create a new value-** folder under Resources folder
then copy the main English string file string.xml and pasta it inside the new value-** folder then you can translate your strings as you like

The folder name of Android string files is formatted as the following:

EX: In your case where you want to add greek lets say, you will just need to create a folder values-el for the Greek translation, and values-el-rGR for the country-specific Greek translation if you like to extended the lang more.

For example, suppose you have a string called “R.string.title” and the locale is ‘el-GR’, Android will look for a value of “R.string.title” by searching the files in the following order:

Once we create required files and change the device language through Settings > Language & Input >Select Language (Japanese), android OS will check for the appropriate language resources available in the app.
In case, if the app supports a selected language, then android will look for the string resources in values-(ISO language code) folder of the project. For example, the selected language is Japanese, then it will load the string values from a values-ja/strings.xml file.
If any string value missing from supported language (strings.xml) file, then android will load the missing strings from default strings.xml file i.e. values/strings.xml.

Force your App to use a default language?

From your settings class you can set your own default language which the app will open first time 
Also you can force the RTL system by setting the variable FlowDirection_RightToLeft to True

//Language Settings >>
 public static bool FlowDirection_RightToLeft = false;
 public static string Lang = "ar"; //Default language

8. Mobile Item Support Policy

Welcome to Mobile item Support Policy

Item support is a service provided by many authors on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Having support for your purchased item means that the author will be available to you, the buyer, to iron-out any potential issues you have in using the item.

For more info about your rights and the seller rights

As buyer of the mobile app can i legally ask for support?

By Envato policy we are not required to install the app for you  as the item even dont includes support but as good from our side we are offering it for free to our customers even if the item is not supported you will still get answers and help from our side for free always.

You can refer to the legal answer of Envato market team as bellow

Support Policy