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Connect to your Domain (Website)

Our Apps Provides Triple DES algorithm encryption system + AES 256-Bit Encryption in your mobile application to safe your own information and your own server side keys from hackers and crackers, once you are a real buyer you will not fear any cracking or unpacking APK  actions by eligible black hat people, which may lead to leaking your sensitive server side data to the public.

1-Go to to get the CERT encryption key  

2-Once you have the key you will be able to add the key to your AppSettings.cs class 

The encryption  key includes all your domain information, you dont need to add your website or server-key or anything else on the settings class, bu sure you get the key on each new update we release to avoid any issues. 

If you face any error please contact us on 

Now go to your Visual studio 2019 solution and press Save, then you are ready to proceed with your own app